If your company has qualified with FFP, we provide assistance in securing funding.

Our expert team has years of experience analyzing opportunities and is well equipped to respond with business advice and funding guidance. We specialize in helping entrepreneurs to create successful businesses which offer great value to potential investors. We advice on strategic and financial matters while targeting specific investors in your industry. We focus on the creation, stimulation, arrangement and partner selection, negotiation and finalization of worldwide joint ventures.

Our company requests a brief description of the project or venture (Executive Summary). If there is interest in the project, the company will enter into a Confidentiality/Non-Disclosure Agreement with the project principals. Subsequent to such execution, a due diligence is requested. If there is no business plan we can suggest one of our partner agencies to provide one, with the principals supplying all information.

Site visit-due diligence. Depending on the scope of the project, we will proceed with financial, operational, managerial, governmental compliance, environmental, zoning, planning, engineering, political climate, and any other necessary due diligence investigation to assure the project's viability for all interested parties. Due diligence investigations typically require two to five days at the site to accumulate facts, and the project/client is solely responsible for all costs and expenses, including but not limited to air-fares, hotel, car rental, etc. See Why Pay Due Diligence Fees.

Upon completion of the due diligence investigation and potential approval, the project is then deemed presentable. Due diligence expenditures can be credited to the project/client at closing.

All legal services necessary to close the contemplated transaction shall be paid by the project/client. The project/client is encouraged to use his/her own attorney to co-generate documents required for closing. Or we can recommend one.

Cost of funding at closing: in the event that the project/client receives funding as a result of the workings of Funds for Projects Inc., the client agrees to pay Funds for Projects Inc., a consulting fee at closing.

The capabilities of Funds for Projects Inc., are the result of the combined years of knowledge and resources of its principals.