The capabilities of Funds for Projects Inc. are the result of the combined years of knowledge and resources of its team.


Claudia Herrera

Managing director

She attended some of the best schools in Colombia, Oxford-England and has a Bachelor in Science in Electrical Engineering (BSEE) from Florida Atlantic University, FL.

She has been an entrepreneur since her early 20‘s and begin her career in the financial industry in the mid 1980’s when she was part owner of a stock brokerage firm, in Boca Raton, FL.

Gabriel Herrera

Managing director

Business Development:

C. Barry Bond

William Schaefer

Carlos Plata (Colombia )

Carlos Eduardo Jimenez: International consultant for energy and mining projects.

He has over 35 years of experience and success as a Colombian Attorney at Law, consulting to Colombian and International clients as a legal counsel, business development and strategist in a variety of mergers and acquisitions of Colombia and international companies.

He played an important role in the introduction and support for the development of the second largest coal mining project in Colombia which is currently exporting approx. 20 million tons per year and forecasts 40 million tons of exportation for the medium term.

He was President of Carbones Colombianos del Cerrejon (2003-2006), Coal mining company owned by Enel (Italy). Restructures the company and sold it to a Canadian Group.

He is fluent in Spanish, French and English and has working knowledge in Italian and Portuguese.

Rodney Wollman: Born and raised in New York and now a resident of Florida. He comes from a family of investors in commercial real estate. His background is in building retail stores in the electronic industry and  later pioneered the Consumer Electronic industry. He developed a passion for commercial real estate watching his father buy and sell shopping centers. 

She started in real estate development and venture capital in the 1990‘s.

She was part owner of a real estate development firm which developed residential and commercial projects in Florida and South Carolina.

She has an extensive career in marketing real estate.

She is fluent in Spanish, French and English